Light colored marble has been used for the construction of this grand temple The temple has 29 halls, 80 domes and the pavilions include 1444 pillars, each of them so intricately and artistically carved that they'll leave a lasting impression on you. The figures of dancing goddesses, beautifully engraved on these pillars are an absolute architectural wonder.The pillars are all differently carved and no two pillars are the same.
Above all, you would be amazed to see at a height of 45 feet engraved nymphs playing the flute in various dance postures.
The temple, with its distinctive domes, shikhara, turrets and cupolas rises majestically from the slope of a hill.which occupies an area of approximately 60 x 62 meters.

It is also said that it is impossible to count the pillars. Also all the statues face one or the other statue.
There is one beautiful carving made out of a single marble rock where there 108 heads of snakes and numerous tails.
One cannot find the end of the tails. The most remarkable thing of the temple is the wonderful play of light and shade on the nearly 1,444 pillars.
The temples are architectural marvels and it is believed that pillar is different from the others in design. As the sun rays shift through the day the pillars colour change from gold to pale blue In the mandap (prayer hall).
The two big bells of 108 kg each produce a harmonious sound on the movement.
The construction of the main shrine alone took more than 50 years.